About Me


The truth of a form cannot end with the representation of its surface. The composition of the human body within its environment has been and continues to be the driving force to which I have been devoting attention for years. By overlaying layers of sharpness and blur, I offer the viewer the opportunity to search for their own truth.

Also, time erodes the appearance and continually forms overlapping layers. In this process, forgetting is a phenomenon that leads us away from existence towards idealized images, thus exerting a destructive influence on our own identity and thereby stifling our further development.

My works explore the question of the image which we constantly compare to our idealized images and whose identity we consequently follow. Our environment, the people around us with whom we interact daily, transition us from one self to another, depending on the respective context.

We find ourselves subjected to this behavior, whether we want to or not. Just as we put on a different mask depending on the circumstances, misled into appearing more interesting or important as a result.

I aim to reveal my perspective on the world to the viewer through my works, not forcefully, but subtly, allowing them the freedom to dismantle their own false masks through observation and contemplation.

Every line, every stroke tells a story, as long as it continues, and I hope the story never ends.

curriculum vitae

1966 born

2004 – 2008    Palma de Mallorca

2001 - 2012 Software Engineer

2012 - working as an Artist

2012 - 2019 Engl-Atelier, Community studio

2019 - Currently studio Schwabing / Munich

Ausstellungen / Exhibitions

2022 ARTMUC Mai, Praterinsel München

2021 Galerie Stilhaus, Panker und Hamburg

2020 Galerie Stilhaus, Panker und Hamburg

2020 ARTMUC Oktober, Isarforum München

2020 ARTMUC Mai, Isarforum München

2019 ARTMUC Oktober, Praterinsel München

2019 ARTMUC Mai, Praterinsel München

2019 Galerie Stilhaus, Panker

2019 Galerie Stilhaus, Hamburg

2018 ARTMUC, Praterinsel München

2018 Offene Ateliers im Atelierhaus Engl, München

2017 ARTMUC, Praterinsel München

2017 Offene Ateliers im Atelierhaus Engl, München

2016 Offene Ateliers im Atelierhaus Engl, München

2016 Kunst & Schnitt, Freising



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